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Alaska Airlines First Class - BOS to SEA

Trip date: Aug 2016
Posted on Sep 1, 2016 by JakeA

I've been extolling the virtues of JetBlue's Mint class cabin ever since JetBlue unveiled their first class service, but if you're flying into or out of Seattle, you can't go wrong with Alaska Airlines. I'm not personally a big fan of Alaska Air's first class product (evidenced by my lack of photos since there's really not much to take a picture of) since service can be rather run-of-the-mill (a flight attendant spilled a drink on me once and had a momentary look of annoyance because she now had to take care of it) and the seats barely recline (which is a big reason I opt for first class in the first place since planes are terribly uncomfortable most of the time).

Despite all of that, there's one big reason to fly Alaska Airlines if you have a pet: they're one of the very few (if not only) domestic carriers that I know of that has a first class cabin that accepts pets. Ironically, it's probably because airlines with newer planes and upgraded first class cabins can no longer safely accommodate pets under the seat due to more electronics and less clearance space from the seats in front of you having more recline. Whatever the case, I'm glad I could bring my dog along with me.

This was the extent of the recline on my seat.

On the other hand, my dog had a good time since there's more space for him here to stretch out. The pet carrier we used was the Petsfit Expandable Foldable Washable Travel Carrier, Airline Approved Pet Carrier Soft-sided (18"x11"x11" Two Extension) which you can actually fold out once the plane has taken off to give your pet more space. Alaska Air's officially accepted pet carrier dimensions are 17" x 11" x 7.5" for hard-sided carriers and 14" x 11" x 9.5" for soft-sided carriers which I could have sworn was a little more generous now that I'm looking into it again. As long as you get the carrier past the gate agent though, you should be good to go. If you want a little more peace of mind, I've had a lot of success with the Sherpa Deluxe Pet Carrier when my dog was a little smaller.