Place(s): Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

Categories: Hotels

Hyatt Regency Minneapolis

Trip date: Jun 2016
Posted on Sep 1, 2016 by JakeA

The Hyatt Regency Minneapolis is one of the better Hyatt Regency hotels I've visited and also contains the largest and most complete hotel gym I've ever been to. It functions well as a business hotel (several conventions were going on here during our stay) and has fairly large meeting rooms and halls. The Hyatt Regency may not be as centrally located as Starwood's properties downtown but it's a perfect place to stay in if your convention happens to be at the Walker Art Center.

A basketball court!

A closed basketball court...

There aren't too many gyms equipped with the battle rope much less a hotel gym.

I've seen hotel gyms with punching bags before...

...but not with 120 lb dumbells! Most hotels max out at 60-75 lbs and I max out at 90-100 lbs so having the full range of weights is extremely rare but greatly appreciated.

A racquetball court. Unlike the basketball court, this one's open.