Place(s): Tokyo, Japan

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Grand Hyatt Tokyo

Trip date: Aug 2015
Posted on Mar 22, 2016 by JakeA
Hotel class: 5.0 stars
Expedia: 4.6 / 5 rating
Trip Advisor: 4.5 / 5 rating

After wandering through Osaka, Kyoto, and most of Hokkaido, we made our way to Tokyo on the final leg of our Japan tour where we stayed at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo. Recently awarded The World's Best Hotels 500 in 2015 by Travel + Leisure, the Grand Hyatt Tokyo made for high expectations.

The hotel is actually located inside Mori Tower, the centerpiece of the Roppongi Hills mega-complex constructed by building tycoon Minoru Mori which opened to the public in 2003. We actually had a bit of trouble finding the Hyatt at first since the tower also houses all sorts of other establishments like the Mori Art Museum, restaurants, cafes, and companies like Apple, Goldman Sachs, Google Japan, and even Pokémon's company headquarters (protip: go down the escalators).

Firstly, everyone speaks English at this hotel which was certainly convenient for me. The lobby itself was spacious yet not ostentatious which fits the hotel's business atmosphere. The front desk staff efficiently checked me in quickly (there were no lines) and someone took our luggage as soon as we were done. 

Our room was spacious (cavernous by Tokyo standards) with a great view and had modern furnishings which included blackout blinds yet with a classic mahogany wood look. Compared to another high end hotel we stayed at during our trip, everything looked well-kept, modern, and very comfortable. The best part of the room was actually the bathroom in that it was as generously spacious as the room itself, containing a walk-in shower with a waterfall head, premium toiletries along with soft bathrobes, and of course, the high tech toilet that opened its lid whenever you approached.

We didn't get the chance to try any of the hotel's restaurants and shops which includes cafes, bakeries, Japanese, Chinese, and French cuisines but we did manage to stop by the Maduro bar for a late nightcap. The bar itself had a modern ambiance and was not crawling people which is exactly how I like it. In fact, there were just enough people in the lounge to make a quiet group conversation possible and relaxed. The drinks and service were good and exactly how you would expect it to be.

I don't usually expect much from hotel gyms in Japan but the facilities at their Nagomi Spa and Fitness center were better equipped than some Grand and Park Hyatts I've been to even in North America. My wife enjoyed their 20 meter pool and spa while I worked with their cardio and weight equipment. My only gripe with Hyatt gyms in general though is that their dumbells never seem to go past 70 lbs. On the other hand, most hotel gyms don't have a simple pull-up bar for some odd reason and they did so that's a huge plus in my book.

The Grand Hyatt Tokyo made a great last impression of Japanese hospitality as we prepared to fly back home. This particular hotel has been one of the best Hyatts in our string of Hyatt stays so far and we'll certainly return if ever we find ourselves in Roppongi again.